Need A Break From Caregiving For The Ones You Love?

Brought to you by Magnifi

Do you know someone or are you caring for a loved one on their/your own? To safely leave them and even go grocery shopping can be difficult, especially now. We want to help by offering you an affordable ($10-$20/hour) online, video-call based, support companion for your loved one so you can do other important things in a one, two, or three-hour window.

You’ll provide your cell phone number for any emergency calls when away, while your adult loved one is on a video call with one of our online support companions. Support companions can engage your loved one in activities appropriate to their interests, such as playing a game, listening to music together, or simply talking about past adventures. Adding a few hours a day can change the life of a caregiver and that is our mission.

You can search to find a support companion with appropriate background/experience for your needs. A copy of the support companion’s government-issued ID will be on file for proper identification and validation and interviewed for appropriateness. Additionally, we record the time spent with a companion, so you can verify it was useful and appropriate.

If you or someone you know can use this service, contact us by filling out the form below! We value your privacy, and will not share your contact information, or send you unsolicited emails.