The Magnifi Protocol

for E-Counselling Applications

At Magnifi, we understand how comprehensively COVID-19 has changed e-counselling, research and client care. We provide video-collaboration solutions to enable you to continue your essential work, while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. We’ve integrated our Magnifi Embeddable Video Widget with a special digital E-Counselling Protocol designed specifically to support and simplify your workflow.

What’s Included in the Magnifi E-Counselling Protocol?

One-Click meeting entry

Joining meetings is easy, with one-click meeting entry, ideal for technologically-challenged individuals.

Surveys and Checklists

The protocol includes the option to drop participants and counselors directly into post-meeting surveys.

Programmable SMS and email communications

The protocol includes programmable SMS and email communications – you can send meeting reminders or a programmed series of communications before or after a meeting.

Integrated note-taking functionality

The protocol offers integrated note-taking functionality for counselors while in a meeting. Notes are stored on your cloud connection rather than on our servers.

Integrated calendaring

Integrated calendaring functionality so program administrators can schedule single or recurring sessions between advisors and participants.

Customized office hours availability

Customized office hours availability is set by counsellors/advisors according to their schedule. This is especially convenient for rescheduling between advisors and participants without the need for a program administrator to intervene.

Video Conferencing embedded into your website

The Magnifi Video Widget is embedded onto your website rather than a third-party video conferencing platform. This means that participants and counselors navigate to your website for meetings, within a closed and secure system..

Customizable colour scheme and branding

The video meeting rooms generated by the Widget are white-labeled, which means there is no Magnifi branding or colour scheme. You customize the conference rooms to be consistent with the logos, colors, and branding of your website and program.

Recordable meetings

Meetings can be recorded and downloaded. Recordings are stored on your cloud connection rather than our servers.

Dial-in option for telephone users

A dial-in phone number can be generated for each meeting for users who may need to call in using a telephone.

Security and confidentiality

The Widget Protocol is PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant. Video meetings are end to end encrypted. Magnifi acts as a conduit for these meetings to take place. We do not store participant data — all recordings, meeting notes, and participant data are stored on your servers to ensure confidentiality.

So, what is a Widget, anyway?

It’s a one-click video collaboration tool that works a lot like “regular” video conferencing.

It lives on your website (or in your workplace application/platform) so that you can meet and work with people face-to-face, but stay safely socially-distanced.

The design is white-label, which means it’s easily customized to match your colour scheme and feature your logo.

In essence, it’s YOUR OWN video collaboration tool, built by us, to make your workflow smoother and better.

E-Counselling Pricing

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E-Counselling Installations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on scale and additional features required.

Easy to customize, embed, and style video meeting room to reflect your branding.

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