Magnifi Virtual Office

Magnifi’s Virtual Office meeting tool is the first video collaboration solution of its kind, allowing users to fully manage meetings in the same way you would in your physical office. Designed and built to fill a huge gap in today’s marketplace, Virtual Office disrupts the “same old, same old” by creating an audio and video meeting experience like no other. You can accept meetings, schedule future meetings, take notes and record meetings, all without leaving your Virtual Office. You control who and when you want to meet by simply setting your own, open- or closed-door policy. With a virtual door knock built in to the system, alerting you prior to every meeting, you control your meeting experience. Your meetings will reach a new level so Magnifi your meeting experience today!

Included in Virtual Office

Virtual Reception

Use Magnifi Virtual Office, Open, Closed, or Locked door policy to decide how clients and colleagues meet with you. Just as you do with your physical office.

Open Door Policy allows a guest to enter your Virtual Office without knocking, provided you are not in a meeting. Once a guest enters, the door closes requiring guests to knock before entering.

Closed Door Policy closes your door requiring guests to knock before entering.

What If You're Unavailable?

If you’re unavailable and a guest enters your reception area, simply click on an icon next to their name and they will be asked to leave a message or book a meeting. Configure your Virtual Office to automatically direct guests that you’re unable to meet with.

Always Ready When You Are

Add your Virtual Office to your desktop, your taskbar, as a shortcut in your browser, or set it to open every time your browser starts. Magnifi Virtual Office is available where and when you want it.

One Click Invitations

Connect your contacts to your Virtual Office and let them know you would like to see them in your virtual office with a single click. If they’re not online or in front of the computer, they’ll receive a text with meeting details and be able to join you by touching the meeting URL in the text message.

Schedule Future Meetings

Schedule future meetings right from your Virtual Office. “I’ll book our next session right after this meeting”, is a statement that doesn’t apply to you. Simply click “Schedule Meeting” and book a follow-up without leaving your office or closing the existing meeting.

Bill For Your Time

If you’re a consultant or entrepreneur that charges for your time, Virtual Office is for you. Simply set your billable rate either by the minute or by the session and when a client joins your Virtual Office, they will be asked for payment details. When the meeting is over, your client will be charged, and the payment will be transferred to your Stripe or PayPal account.


Virtual Office gives you the ability to take notes while you’re in meetings. Notes can be private to just you or public for all team members. Closing the meeting will conveniently email them to the relevant participants.

Customize Your Virtual Office

Modify your Virtual Office to match your brand. Change the colour scheme, upload your own logo, use a custom call answer page, or even change the content of meeting invitations. It’s your Virtual Office, you decide how it looks and functions.

Secure Video Collaboration

Crystal clear video featuring industry-leading end-to-end encryption, when and how you want it.


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