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Widget Subscriptions

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up to 10 hosts, per month
(regular price $49.99)

Special Launch Price!

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Video Conferencing embedded right in your website or application, with high quality video feeds.

Easy to customize, embed, and style to suit your branding.

Meetings on-demand can be created and hosted from
right within the Widget – no embedding required.

Integrated Scheduling – Meetings can be booked in advance.

Screen-sharing and integrated public/private chat.

Secure and convenient – Book unlimited video meetings with persistent and trusted login.

Flexible scheduling options – Create future scheduled or on-demand group meetings right within your existing workflow.

Create one-on-one or group meetings, in advance or on-demand.

Customer Service – Enable clients to video call you directly. If call is missed choose between options for caller to schedule a follow up meeting, leave a text-based message, or be redirected to a specific webpage

Additional Features – Up to 4 hours & 50 attendees per call.

Options for installation – WordPress Plugin, HTML/flat site, SDK (Software Development Kit).

Enterprise Installation
or Custom Subscriptions


Contact Us

for Pricing Details

To arrange a Custom Subscription or Enterprise Installation please contact us to discuss pricing.

Custom Subscriptions and Enterprise Installations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on scale and additional features required.

Includes all features of the SOAR subscription.

After pricing and scope of Subscription has been agreed upon, you will be invoiced.

Platform Subscriptions

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per month

Try our high quality,
easy to use video
conferencing for free
for as long as you like

Unlimited FREE Group Calls

Up to 45 minutes per call and up to 50 attendees

Integrates seamlessly with Outlook, GSuite, and Slack

Work from home and stay
in touch with friends


per month

Best choice for users who don’t bill for their time

Unlimited FREE
one-to-one on-demand, scheduled & group meetings

Up to 4 hours per call and up to 50 attendees

Integrates seamlessly with Outlook, GSuite, and Slack

Ideal for the provider who
needs value and flexibility


per month

Best choice for users who do bill for their time

First 30 days FREE 

Unlimited one-to-one on-demand, scheduled & group meetings (free,
by-the-minute, pre-paid)

Host sets their own
rate & schedule

Automated client billing & payment system

Personal marketing page & unique URL

+ 3.5% processing fee on every paid call

For growing businesses
with a team of providers


per host,
per month

Unlimited one-to-one on-demand, scheduled & group meetings (free,
by-the-minute, pre-paid)

Business sets host rate & schedule

Automated client billing & payment system

Business & host marketing pages & unique URLs

Usage performance
leader board

Custom branding

Business Analytics

+ 3.5% processing fee on every paid call

Common questions

Do you offer yearly Subscription plans?

Yes! If you pay for a year upfront (optional) you’ll get our special discount rates on platform susbscriptions

Lite: One year for $199.99 (USD), regularly $239.88.

One year for $49.99 (USD), regularly $59.88.
Pro: One year for $149.99 (USD), regularly $179.88.
Team: One year for $199.99 (USD) per host, regularly $239.88.

Do you have a setup cost?

Absolutely not. We have no setup fees, and no hidden gimmicks.

Participants pay their subscription fees, and the fees set by hosts for any paid meetings they attend. Hosts pay subscriptions fees plus the 3.5% per call payment processing fee charged by Stripe. Free calls are always free, and Free subscribers will only pay if they choose to participate in a meeting which requires payment to attend (set by the Host).

Do you restrict features with a free subscription?

While free plans are more limited than paid accounts, you will be able to use our key features. If you host a meeting, it must be free and will be limited to 45 minutes. However, as a participant you can engage in a call for up to 4 hours. You can also participate in paid meetings; in that case you will only pay the rate charged by the host for the meeting.

What is the difference between Prepaid and By-the-minute meetings?

Prepaid meetings are charged a a flat rate set by the Host. Participants are charged in advance, when they accept a Prepaid meeting invitation, in order to reserve their spot. The charges for a Prepaid call are charged whether or not the participant attends the meeting.

In By-the-minute meetings, participants are only charged for the time both they and the Host are in the call together. This means the call charges are calculated at the end of the call, and the participant’s credit card is charged after the meeting has ended. At the beginning of a By-the-minute call we put a $100 hold on the participant’s credit card, which is released at the end of the call when the final charge goes through. We place this hold to ensure the integrity of the system for all concerned.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway for Magnifi subscriptions and for payments between hosts and participants in meetings. Stripe accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and others.

Anything special for non-profits?

Connect with us and let’s talk about it.