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Magnifi Launches Android Version of its Pay-by-the-Minute Consultation Platform

The mobile market network powers the global freelance economy, providing a convenient way to connect knowledge providers with knowledge seekers

Toronto, ON | March 14, 2019 – Magnifi, a division of MindShare Technologies Inc., has released an Android version of its knowledge sharing market network to connect more mobile users to the freelance economy. Now, knowledge providers—experts, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs—can get paid to share their expertise and advice with both iOS and Android users through Magnifi’s patented real-time audio and video consultation platform.

Magnifi enables providers to generate revenue beyond the traditional nine-to-five workday as through the Magnifi market network, they can now market themselves to a global clientele. Knowledge seekers looking for professional expertise—unhindered by barriers like physical location—benefit from personalized, one-on-one consulting.

“Magnifi helps providers monetize their unique knowledge in smaller increments,” says Magnifi CEO Ted Boyd. “Now, people looking for advice can connect with these providers personally on a paid-by-the minute basis rather than spending hours sifting through information on the internet.”

Knowledge providers and seekers can arrange Magnifi conversations on their Android or iOS devices at any time, solving a common challenge associated with the knowledge economy: convenience.

“I like Magnifi because for me, it is the Uber of knowledge sharing. It’s a convenient way to get direct help from experts around the world,” says Susan Winter, a dating and relationship expert who provides personal advice and coaching through Magnifi. “I’m always looking for the best way to serve my clients’ needs, and I believe Magnifi’s on-demand approach works wonders for anyone in the consulting business.”

Knowledge providers can also seamlessly integrate back-office tasks such as billing, reporting and analytics through the Magnifi market network.

About MindShare Technologies Inc.

Magnifi is a patented, global mobile knowledge sharing market network, connecting knowledge providers with knowledge seekers through paid, real-time audio or video consultation. The platform opens a new stream of revenue for knowledge providers—experts, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs and seamlessly integrates back-office functions like billing, reporting and analytics. The app is available for free download through the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Visit for more information.

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