Magnifi e-Counsellor

Magnifi’s e-Counsellor platform is the first-of-its-kind in the market today, filling a massive need for a new, and ultra-secure meeting solution. To address a large gap in the industry, e-Counsellor was specifically designed and developed to enable professionals and counsellors the ability to schedule, conduct, plan, book and manage highly sensitive virtual meetings. 

Our platform delivers a safe, secure, and easy to use set of tools, where all users can conduct private conversations in a virtual office environment. Our solution is fully customizable and completely housed on the Magnifi platform, and without the use of downloads, professionals can now finally schedule communications, ongoing sessions and automated reminders with ease! Magnifi your e-Counselling efforts today!

Included in the e-Counsellor solution

Recurring Sessions

Book independent sessions based on specific program requirements, rather than traditional, individual calendar events. This allows you to setup programs and add counselling sessions to both you and your client’s schedules quickly and easily.

Counsellor Availability

Each Counsellor sets their own availability in the system. By identifying when they are available to meet with clients, the need to reschedule becomes less frequent, creating a much more positive and user friendly experience.

What If You Need To Reschedule

Every session instance has a unique rescheduling link that allows the client or counsellor to choose a new date and time if they are unable to attend a scheduled session. Time slots for rescheduling are determined by the counsellor’s availability in their schedule.

Session Invitations

Session invitations are sent to both counsellor and client through email and if they prefer, SMS as well. Email invitations contain an ICS file that can be easily imported into any of the common calendar providers and applications.

Client Confidentiality

Magnifi’s e-Counsellor solution requires a name and one contact point for clients (email or Mobile number). We don’t collect additional data and sessions are private and secure.

Forms and Questionnaires

Counselling sessions aren’t always about conversation alone. Tracking progress and documenting steps and procedures is necessary to help keep clients on track. Magnifi e-Counsellor includes the ability to present pre, during, and post session forms to be filled out by client or counsellor. Our unique integration supports most 3rd party systems.


Magnifi’s e-Counsellor solution gives you the ability to take notes while in a counselling session. Notes can be private for the counsellor or shared with clients.

SMS Communication Cycles

Magnifi’s e-Counsellor platform allows the user the ability to setup SMS communication cycles as reminders or notifications. These cycles allow you to send automated messages to clients throughout the program. This can serve as a reminder to clients between counselling sessions or simply as positive reinforcement.

Customize Your e-Counsellor Office

Modify your e-Counsellor Office to match your brand. Change the colour scheme, upload your own logo, use a custom call answer page, or even change the content of meeting invitations. It’s your Office, you decide how it looks and functions.

Secure Video Collaboration

Crystal clear video featuring industry-leading end-to-end encryption, when and how you want it.


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