Magnifi is a global mobile knowledge sharing market network.

Connecting knowledge providers with knowledge seekers through paid, real-time audio or video consultation, it is a fully integrated business in the pocket available for free download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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The Magnifi market network is designed to solve the three biggest hurdles faced by knowledge providers in building a successful business: finding new customers, networking and back-office task management. In addition to these challenges a recent study by Ernst & Young found that between 5 and 20% of billable hours are essentially unrecoverable due to the fragmented nature of existing service delivery tools.

Magnifi’s patented audio and video consulting platform allows knowledge providers to bill and get paid by the minute via their mobile device while seamlessly integrating back-office tasks and functionality.


I want to talk to a knowledge provider and pay for their time


I want to share my knowledge and get paid for it


My company wants to use Magnifi as an integrated service delivery tool for its consultants


I want to create a unique branded experience for my co-work space and members


I use Magnifi’s KnowledgeSuite for seamless end-to-end management of my consulting business

How it works

Magnifi is a global mobile knowledge sharing market network.



Search by name or keyword or browse a community of knowledge providers—experts, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs—from around the world who offer expertise matching your exact knowledge needs.


Chat or book a call

Connect with a knowledge provider in real-time safely and securely via the Magnifi market network when it is convenient. Text messages are free. Pay only for the call time needed, on a minute-by-minute basis.


Connect in real-time

Save time and frustration by getting answers quickly and reliably. Knowledge providers and clients rate each other after a call, creating a trustworthy and a community of like-minded individuals.


Magnifi is the leading global mobile market network for knowledge providers—experts, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs. Its foundational layer is a seamless end-to-end media solution that handles on-demand audio or video consultation and billing while offering a one-to one, personalized experience. In Q2 of 2019, Magnifi will enhance its market network with an expanded and exciting set of custom services.


Magnifi Enterprise allows small and medium corporate knowledge providers to deliver distributed consultation services with integrated back-office functionality and revenue collection at scale. This enables enterprise networks to stay continually connected to one another via the Magnifi platform while helping knowledge providers extend their community, both digitally and globally.

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