Magnifi is a global mobile on-demand knowledge sharing marketplace.

Connecting experts with knowledge seekers through paid, real-time audio or video consultation, Magnifi is a fully integrated marketplace in your pocket, now available for free download by iPhone users in the App Store.

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Magnifi is a global mobile on-demand knowledge sharing marketplace, connecting experts with knowledge seekers through paid, real-time audio/video consultation. Easily share your knowledge and get paid for each minute or access knowledge from real people in real-time and pay only for the time you need, anytime, anywhere. Individuals looking for specific knowledge or advice can connect with these experts in real-time on Magnifi for quick and efficient one-on-one education, skills development, and insights tailored for unique needs. No more generic research—experts are always available for personalized help.


Search and connect one-on-one with an expert. Users receive the specific insight or knowledge they need from an expert with their full attention and pay only for the time needed.


Get help exactly when you need it anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. Magnifi is a fully integrated marketplace in your pocket.


It is a seamless end-to-end solution that handles free text messaging, video and billing while offering a one-to one, personalized experience.


Simple, secure, reliable and available 24/7. Work whenever you want so you can earn money when and where you want, or get help exactly when you need it, quickly and reliably.

How it works

Magnifi is a global, mobile on-demand knowledge sharing marketplace.



Search by name or keyword or browse a community of subject matter experts—coaches, mentors, and professionals from around the world who offer expertise matching your exact knowledge needs.


Chat or book a call

Connect with an expert in real-time safely and securely via the Magnifi Marketplace when it is convenient for you. Text messages are free. Pay only for the call time you need, on a minute-by-minute basis.


Connect in real-time

Save time and frustration by getting answers quickly and reliably from real people. Experts and clients rate each other after a call, creating a trustworthy knowledge-sharing marketplace and community.

Share your expertise and get paid by the minute through video or voice one-on-one consultations

Magnifi is a global mobile marketplace for professionals via real-time audio and video consultation. Experts and consultants are able to invite their clients to the Magnifi marketplace, find new clients and get paid by the minute. Magnifi allows experts to set their own rate and schedule, maximizing their revenue opportunities anywhere, anytime. Avoid spending hours on unpaid tasks or responding to endless emails. Instead, simply share your Magnifi profile link and let clients reach you through a Magnifi call when you’re available.

Talk and text directly through the Magnifi app without having to share your personal information. There is also a 'Do Not Disturb' mode for moments when you are not available. Use the free text messaging tool to schedule calls at a time that is convenient for you and your clients.

The Magnifi marketplace provides a seamless end-to-end solution that handles chat, video, and billing while delivering a crystal-clear audio and video experience.

Make great money

Accept payments instantly. All Magnifi call transactions are based in US Dollars and earnings are deposited to your Stripe account after every call

Set your own schedule

Everything is in one place with all the features you need. Leverage the benefits of a turn-key solution without losing control. You set your rate and schedule and work when and where you want

Global mobile marketplace

Connect with clients from all over the world instantly on-demand through private crystal-clear video or voice sessions, anywhere, anytime


Think of a terrific video chat app with a patented built-in payment engine. Magnifi provides free in-app text messaging when you're not available to take a live call

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Commitment To Mentorship

M³: Magnifi Mentor by the Minute is an exciting initiative that builds mentoring relationships by empowering young professionals to succeed and achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions. Mentoring is an incredibly rewarding experience that benefits both mentors and mentees. If you’re interested in participating in the M³ initiative, please contact us at to learn more.

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Leverage Magnifi in a way that will help you more easily, engage and connect with your customers or audience.

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