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Get help from knowledgeable people in real-time through video or voice calls, anytime and anywhere. Magnifi is a new, innovative app that enables people to efficiently share and get what they need from each other. Coming soon! Want to become a provider and share your mind? Get on the list now and become an early access provider.

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Magnifi is empowering people through a peer-to-peer on-demand knowledge sharing app. Built-in audio/video and search capabilities through Magnifi gives users unrivaled ability to seek and share knowledge.


Built-in audio/video enables people to communicate their way


Reshaping the way people search and find knowledge on-demand


Mobile brings real knowledge sharing to everyone, everywhere and anytime


Simple, secure and reliable, Magnifi is like Uber but for the mind

How it works

Magnifi is creating a break-through in the on-line knowledge sharing economy



Browse a community of knowledgeable people, experts and professionals from around the world to match your exact needs


Chat or book call

Connect safely and securely through the app at a time that is convenient for you. Rates are based per minute


Connect in real-time

Save time and frustration by getting answers quickly and with confidence from real people and pay only for the time you need

Share My Mind

Want to become a provider and share your mind? You can share your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise on almost anything of value to another person. Magnifi is like having a business in your pocket without all that extra set-up work and stress. Set-up minutes and get sharing your mind. It’s that easy! Get on the list now and become one of our early access providers when we launch.

Make great money

Share your knowledge and earn money. You decide your rate. Payments are auto-deposited into your Stripe account

Set your own schedule

Only take calls when it works for you. Sync’s with your calendar. You set your schedule

Completely mobile

Magnifi connects you with real people from all over the world instantly through video or voice through private, pay-per-use sessions, anywhere and at anytime

Signing up is easy

Signing up is super easy. The app is free. Once its set-up you’re good to go

What people are saying

Watch now to see why this YouTube creator is excited to be part of Magnifi

Anyone can share their knowledge. Turn your skills into a business without the fuss and get found for your unique expertise, knowledge or wisdom. Or leverage Magnifi in a way that will help you more easily, engage and connect with your audience, followers or clients.

Stephen – TheSalonGuy

We're growing

Magnifi is changing the world and we want you to be part of it. If you believe in supporting the freelance economy and passionate about joining a thriving startup, we'd love to hear from you.

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Please feel free to contact our support team: help@magnifi.io

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If you have any questions about our privacy policy, terms of service, acceptable use policy you may contact us at: legal@magnifi.io

Get on the list now!

Want to become a provider and share your mind? Get on the list now and become an early access provider in a unique peer-to-peer on-demand knowledge sharing community.

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